Cleaning Up and Weeding Out Political Scalawags

In Australia, politics and use of public funds have created conflicts that called for government departments to implement policies in governing public spending. The federal government also implemented donation disclosure laws to maintain transparency of political funding support. However, certain loopholes provided major donors with means to stay in the dark; whilst allowing political figures to misuse donated funds for personal gains and purposes.

The government of Queensland for one, encourages anyone who has feedback or complaints, to put forward information to the authority of the department. If the authority of a department does not actively pursue the investigation of complaints, a report can be submitted to an appropriate Third Party authority.

Fraudulent Acts that Require Reporting to Proper Authorities

The government of Queensland encourages reporting of the following concerns to a Third Party to ensure proper and adequate investigations, such as:

1. Acts arising from suspicions of fraud;
2. Allegations of corrupt conduct or act, defined as such in the Crime and Corruption Act of 2001.
3. Malversation or misuse of public assets;
4. Violation of a human right including those that took place after January 01. 2020.
5. Violations of the Queensland Code of Conduct for public service
6. Breaches or nonobservance of information privacy policies
7. Causing or putting risks or danger to the health or safety of an individual with a disability
8. Endangering the environment and everything in it, by committing an offence or specific violation stated in environmental laws.
9. Acts of retaliation or reprisal against a whistleblower in connection with a public interest disclosure.

Who are the Third Party Authorities?

A Third Party Authority exists outside of the department in which a suspected wrongdoing is happening. Specifically, the following offences or breaches can be reported to an appropriate Third Party authority:

A criminal offence must be reported to a Queensland Police Service or Department. In Australia and as stated under the Criminal Code Act, use of public funds whether for one’s benefit or for another person, is a criminal act.

Misconduct committed by a public service official can be reported to the state’s Crime and Corruption Commission.

Mismanagement or dreliction of duties in managing a public office can be reported to the Queensland Ombudsman.

Human Rights complaint that have not been given adequat reponses and actions by the Human Rights Commission can be reported to a Legislative Assembly member of the Queensland Parliament.

Significance of Third Party Involvement in Political Clean Ups

Third Party involvement in the weeding out of undesirable and scalawag public officials is similar to hiring professional cleaners tasked to expose all the potential threats lurking in hidden and dark areas. After all, if there is connivance within the department, a cover up of suspicious actions or allegations is always possible.

In Brisbane, Queensland, parents have better peace of mind in knowing that their children and pets are cared for and nurtured in a clean, safe and secure environment. Moreover, instead of planning to spend weekends or free days to thoroughly clean the house, having a professional cleaner do it allows you to spend quality time with your family.

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