How Australians Reacted To The Same Sex Marriage To Become A Law

YES voters for the same sex marriage can now really celebrate. It has finally come to a conclusion. Same sex marriage has passed the House of Reps of Australia.

Following the majority of votes, a loud and resounding Yes as a result of a long and tedious, not to mention costly survey. Alas, the people said, the politicians listened to the voice of the people, after all, they are paid to listen to the majority.

Some Politicians Who Firmly Said No

As the entire county said Yes, there are politicians who firmly stand against same-sex marriage. Katter of Queensland, Pitt of Hinkler MP, Littleproud of Maranoa MP, and Broadbent of McMillan MP firmly said NO.

Unnecessary awful words had been said, some walked out, others reacted with hateful comments. There were various reactions that were really not necessary to have the bill agreed on. No is to no, yes is to yes. While every opinion matters, every opinion deserves respect too.

After The Downside

While politician debate and exchanged words of hate, the people are celebrating this new breakthrough in history. Social media is witness to these reactions. Posts of love, posts of joy, posts of positive interaction from the people of Australia.

What Happens Next?

Now, the question is what’s next? When can couples of same sex really tie the vows in a fab wedding. It had been reported that wedding councils in Sydney have received bookings on same sex marriages in various venues througout the city. And same sex marriage bookings had been offered for free for 100 days.

You will have to inquire with the city you are at to see what local offerings they have on same-sex marriage including wedding photographer gold coast. If you want to wed in Australia, you can always contact a wedding coordinator based in Australia to make arrangements.

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