Why Guest Bloggers Discriminate When Posting Content in Political Websites

Political domains are hotspots for content creation; making invitations to “Write for Us General Guest Post”  extremely appealing to guest bloggers looking to drive traffic to their website. Apparently, platforms delving in political processes and activities, particularly those pertaining to the governance of a community, state or country are drawing the attention of consumers being targeted by marketers and brand promoters. However, bloggers should discriminate when submitting content as some websites merely use the political niche to carry out illegal acts.

The Strong Appeal of Political Websites to Guest Bloggers and Other Content Creators

Actually, the reach of political websites are not confined to governance, since the niche covers politically-oriented websites of diverse political organizations. Generally, they delve on global politics or focus on political parties, their trustworthiness, their moral values and in not too rare cases, their inclinations for political corruption.

The advent of the Internet as a communications technology has brought forth media outlets that play important roles in disseminating reliable news. Unfortunately however, such reliance has been misused and abused by corruptgovernmentauthorities and their cohorts.

In countries that want to maintain full control of their citizens, spreading false political information became an acceptable practice to facilitate misguidance.

Thankfully, grass roots political organizations in democratic countries banded together as fact-checkers. Their accomplishments and worldwide collaboration have been successful in unravelling true facts. Doing so also distinguished the political websites from those that merely aim to coverup corrupt deeds.

Political Websites as Platform for Scammers

While many political websites present their domains as online platforms of trustworthy organizations, bloggers and creators of other types of content, should also be wary of scammers. Unscrupulous individuals and their political organization merely use the website to raise funds but only for their personal gains.

The most prominent example is the notorious Steve Bannon, the MAGA provocateur of former US President Donald Trump. Although proven to have used the MAGA funds in acquiring personal assets and in supporting a lavish lifestyle, all cases of fraud against Bannon have been dismissed.The dismissal came about as result of the pardon Trump issued before leaving office as US president.

Nevertheless, political websites in general have been effective in changing the course of politicabl campaigns and events. Even the younger set of Generation Z netizens took active part as guest bloggers and podcasters in political websites; and in running social media campaigns to put in place fact-checked information.

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